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It is vital to manage everything in a business especially at Gold Loan money lending using one comprehensive structure. Only when you can manage your accounts, finances, inventory, sales, purchase, manufacturing processes, taxation and payroll efficiently, is when you will have the time to emphasis on development. So, you need software that helps you do it all.

G-Calc is the all-in-one solution for the Gold Loan Business. Gold Loan Management Software enabled for 'Loan against Gold' as safekeeping. The software has very easy-to-use and proposals numerous useful features that backings to preserve records of gold, payment chasing, loan foreclosure, Loan Installment Plan etc..

This is a highly secure application that outfits the daily as well as the periodic needs for the business.

Salient Features

  • To identify the customer and pledge documents with the help of image.
  • To rapid the pledge procedure and the returning of pledge document.
  • To evaluate and facilitate excess payment on the existing pledged matters.
  • To view a comprehensive summary on pledged document together with recurring.
  • To determine the interest based on quality of gold or according to the person.
  • To calculate the period of remittance according to the amount submitted at branch by party.
  • SMS reminder facility to due customers.
  • To check the pledge details by giving one or the other details of loan submitted date, Loan Number, detail of customer and so on…
  • To view total due of the firm.
  • To know the expired pledge matters and details of the same.
  • To check whether the due value surpassed pledge value or not.
  • Eased to send notices to due pledged customers.
  • Repledging enablement.
  • To manage more than one branch at same time.
  • To function the software through pen drive with any system.
  • Facility to view the exception report which details special entries made and any entries entered other than customized as per software settings.
  • To view periodic report of a customer based on his loan period/ loan date/expiry date/ last payment remitted date and so on…
  • Facility for change all documents in to excel.
  • Facility for a clear interface with all deposit and transactions in the firm.
  • Possibility of AA form, AAA form and G3 form in a very precise manner.
  • Preparation of ledger book formatting against all documented entries in the firm.
  • To find daily or periodic report of income and expense statement of the firm and also features the cash transaction in between given dates.
  • To find accurate pledged gold collection details as per dates or period given.
  • To analysis details of collected interest and discount offered during a period of time.
  • To record all the expenses account in a firm.
  • To monitor and record different accounts in related to the firm like fund transfer account.
  • To prepare profit and loss account, trial balance and Balance Sheet from one click option.
  • To feature and record all kind of assets in your firm.
  • Possible to control and assign the admin rights on software features as per the user’s given login.
  • Outstanding performance on AFTER SALES software service.
  • Facility to view control and coordinate transactions from various branches from one point.
  • 360 *Efficient online technical support


CCalc is software which satisfies all needs of a chits company. User is facilitated with provision to add multiple chitties.

Salient Features

  • Accurately manages all the earning and expenditure details of the Company.
  • Easily maintains the inventory records, stock details, voucher entries, tax types, profit/loss records, debit/credit details etc
  • Efficiently manages the company-customer profile, clients' detail, and facilitates computerized report generation.
  • Perfectly prepares the balance sheets, trial balance, billing and other ledger reports within a short time period.